To be listed, a RED BARON partner must offer a significant contribution to the knowledge of the life times and death of Manfred von Richthofen.
The sites hereunder do so and are highly recommended.
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Jasta Boelke A historical website about Oswald Boelcke and his squadron. Here also are pages of info about the Red Baron. The author: Gaston Graf, Luxembourg is currently doing much groundwork to discover the actual Military history of MvR. He lives just a short distance ( 40 miles) from where some of this history unfolded. Posted weekly on his site are his latest findings.  

Anzacs. "The most significant single factor in bringing to conclusion the horrors of WW1." That is how a General described the bringing down of 'The Red Baron'. Listen to an eye-witness audio account from Sgt. Frank Wormald, who was only fifteen feet from one of the claimants, Robert Buie as he fired at 'The Red Baron'.
A medical historian reviews the history and comes to certain conclusions. A doctor from Germany poses and answers the question, "Was he fit to Fly?" This site offers the latest definitive information on those last few minutes in the life of Manfred Freiherr von Richthofen.
Animations of sections of the eye witness account and the eye-witness audios themselves complete these comprehensive and detailed web-pages.

Les Chevaliers du Ciel A French website dedicated to the most famous airmen of the German Air Service, Naval Air Service, Flanders Marine Corps and Luftschiffer. Notes provide place and date of birth, previous military service, decorations, planes and postwar career. You'll of course find here information on the Richthofen's Boys - Manfred, Lothar and Wolfram ! ...and of course it is written in French, naturallement! A pictorial history research website to identify all 320 Fokker Dr.1 triplanes. There are photos of the Fokker Dr.1 and Manfred Von Richthofen (The Red Baron) along with books, artwork and WW1 aviation links.


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