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Comrades and Colleagues Reuniting old Armed Forces pals from Australia, New Zealand the UK and Canada, supporting Armed Forces charities.  

Gallipoli Tour Operator
EkolTravel A well known Turkish Travel Agent who offers a whole range of tours including one of eight days with a sleep-over on the landing beach at Gallipoli on the 24th April. If this does not suit you there are many more tours to choose from. Operating since 1985 this company enjoys a good name in the industry.  


Gallipoli Now! Gallipoli A Trip to Gallipoli how to get there, what to expect and how to survive Gallipoli Slang a concise Gallipolian - English dictionary Gallipoli Placenames an English and Turkish list of locations Fooling the Enemy ETC.ETC. This and the following two links are a MUST if you consider going to Gallipoli. Great site from someone who really knows the place.  
Gallipoli Now! landings were gravely disorganised, especially in respect of the arrangements for the evacuation of the wounded. Yet another great site for those who wish to visit Gallipoli.  
Gallipoli Now!

Anzac House Youth Hostel is situated in Kanakkale, Turkey. This is almost 300 kms south of Istanbul, about 6 hours by bus. Travellers go to Kanakkale to tour the WW1 battlefields of Gallipoli and the ancient city of Troy. Here there is a full and excellent biography on Jack Simpson. 'Deano" will make you feel at home in Cannakkale. Also a great site.

ANZACS & Gallipoli (Then!) A whole page of Links If you cant' find what you are looking for here, try this page. It was created by the Interactive Design Group of the Board of Studies NSW for the Commonwealth Department of Veterans Affairs.  
The Australian Flying Corps The Australian Flying Corps Website covers many details of the Australian Flying Corps service through 1914 to 1919. From George Taylor lobbying the Government in 1911 to operational squadrons scout, corps and bombing squadrons in Mesopotamia, Palestine and France during World War I.  
War in the Air is produced by First World War aviation enthusiasts for the purpose of gathering, preserving, and propagating information on the genre.  

Trouble with undisciplined Australians An excellent site by Rob Ruggenberg. Haig was convinced that a great deal of the problems were caused by General Birdwood's relaxed disciplinary methods. Sir William Birdwood was one of the very few senior British officers who possessed the 'touch' to command Australians, the perception necessary to extract their qualities. This site provides a very good perspective on us 'undisciplined lot ".Rob's site is also rich with original colour photos of WW1.
Be prepared to spend a few hours there, Very worthwhile. John Woods 4th Feb.2005

Discipline The Surafend Affair. An unfortunate incident was destined to throw a shadow over the last days in Palestine of Anzac Mounted Division. Close to the camps of the three brigades in December was the native village of Surafend. All the Arabs of western Palestine were thieves by instinct, and those who dwelt close to the Jewish settlements were especially practised and daring. Throughout the campaign the British policy, as already noticed, was to treat these debased people west of the Jordan as devout Moslems, kin not only to the Arabs of the Hejaz but to the Mohammedans of India. And the Arabs, a crafty race, quick to discern British unwillingness to punish their misdeeds, exploited their licence to extreme limits. To follow was a most regretable affair......  
Diary Hughie's War Diary Wartime diary of Edward Gilmore (Hughie) Dodd, Australian Electrical and Mining Unit.  
Records Australian Service Records from World War 1 Access to the records of 420,000 Australian personnel who served during WW1.  
Records Victoria Cross Reference Mike Chapman's comprehensive collection of information on the Victoria Cross, including details on all 1,354 recipients.  
Records The Public Record Office Information about WW1 records in the PRO. The PRO catalogue can now be searched on-line.  
Records The Australian War Memorial Honor Rolll access the records of your relatives here..  
Records Anzac Medallion. This site has details of the Anzac Medallion, many of which have not been claimed. If you have a claim go here for more information.  
Biography Ursula's History Web A detailed biography on Manfred von Richthofen. Herewith a 'snippet':
"The German Imperial Air Service began their attack on England, with huge silver Zeppelins bombing Norfolk.. Kaiser Wilhelm, the oldest grandson of Queen Victoria, issued orders for Zeppelin bombings only after long soul-searching. He worried about the irreplaceable historic sites and landmarks in London, and also about the safety of his relatives at Buckingham Palace."
War in the Air WW1 Aviation Image Archive An archive providing unique, unusual and hard-to-find images of early planes and the people who flew them. The Webmaster of this site believes that all images are in the public domain. If your interest is in early aviation, this is it.  
War in the Air Jasta Boelke A historical website about Oswald Boelcke and his squadron. Also info about other German Aces and their planes. The author: Gaston Graf, Luxembourg who also kindly translated "The Red Baron" pages on this site into German. NEW! Gaston is currently translating Ernst Udets book from 1935 "Mein Fliegerleben" Which translates to "ACE of the Iron Cross". A really good story.  
War in the Air Cross and Cockade International
Cross & Cockade International (CCI) is a First World War Aviation Historical Society with around 1,500 members in 25 countries all over the world. They are a non-profit making organisation. All officers of the society, organisers and contributors to the journal give their services voluntarily to research and publish information on all aspects of the First World War in the air, 1914 - 1918.
War in the Air Over the Front The League of World War I Aviation Historians, publishers of "Over The Front", a leading journal in the field of Great War military aviation research.  
Anzacs Australians at War Covering the history of Australia's armed services in the various wars in which Australians have participated since settlement in 1788.  
Anzacs New Zealand and the Great War : Peter Hoar's site about the war as it affected his country. You must read Uttermost Ends, his essay about war and its effects.  
WW1 Aftermath - When the boys come home.A war can never be said to be completely over until there is nobody left who took part in it. That time must be coming soon: the Great War took place in the last century, and almost all of those who experienced its horrors first hand in are now dead. One in five of those who fought died during the war itself. The rest have gradually followed their comrades, until now there can't be more than a tiny number of very old men who experienced the horrors of the trenches.The exploration of the world at war is the theme of this site.  
Anzacs Anzacday org For the complete story of Jack Simpson and his donkey, this site is unsurpassed. It is told in Chapters with pictures so plan on spending  time here.  
Anzacs / Film Sparke & Sons Films Pty Ltd. A dedicted outfit with heart, focusing on the truth of Australian History and putting it to film. They now  supply  the arts with the largest collection of authentic and original wardrobe and props in the Southern Hemisphere.  
WW1 James F. O'Sullivan has my gratitude for his valuable support and encouragement throughout the construction of this site.  
War in the Air Cavanaugh Flight Museum of Austin Texas USA for permission to use pictures of their Sopwith Camel in the "Red Baron" animations.  
Anzacs ACS Australian Cultural Network. This site is comprehensive covering every aspect of Australian culture. This link will take you to their feature article on Anzacs.  
Poets "Digger Smith" and "Ginger Mick" are links to these two series of poems by C.J.Dennis, available from the site of Perry Middlemiss in Victoria, Australia.  
Poets The Wilfred Owen Association, Sassoon on the Somme, Edmund Blunden at War and Rupert Brooke and Friends Excellent resources, with detailed photographic tours of the poets' lives concentrating on their wartime experiences.  
Poets Dr. Stuart D.Lee - for his support and providing a link on his site "The Wilfred Owen Archive". at Oxford University.  
WW1 Images of the Great War. A German perspective on the First World War  
Records DEBT OF HONOUR REGISTER This Register provides personal and service details and places of commemoration for the 1.7 million members of the Commonwealth forces who died in the First or Second World Wars. (A record some 60,000 civilian casualties of the Second World War is provided without details of burial location.) The cemeteries and memorials where these names are commemorated, in perpetuity, are located in around 150 countries This database makes it possible to identify the exact location, by cemetery plot or memorial panel, where any given name is commemorated. These places of commemoration are maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.  
Air Museum Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome  
Air Museum The Air Force Museum  
Air Museum :The National Air & Space Museum  
Air Museum The National Aviation Museum/Canada  
Air Museum The San Diego Aerospace Museum  
Air Museum The Royal Air Force Museum  
Air Museum The Cradle of Aviation Museum  
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Appreciation The Little Emu Farm. The hat ( Anzac Ikon above ) is an original from 1914-1918. The Emu feathers were a bit time-worn. The Little Emu Farm ( who specialise in emu oil as a healing aid) kindly donated some to augment the originals. A visit to their site is most interesting.  
Visiting Sydney?

Virtual Tour Let your mouse do the walking in a virtual tour of the Sydney Opera House.
Here is a monumental piece of Flash animation and well worth the download wait.


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