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The Animated Poems
For the Fallen
Dulce et decorum Est
C.J.Dennis Collection




About the animations

For the Fallen
Laurence Binyon's famous poem of seven verses.
The fourth Verse of this poem has been used world-wide by
veteran's organizations in remembrance of the fallen.

Dulce et Decorum est Pro Patria More.
Horace, the Roman said it first about 8 B.C.
Translation: "It is a sweet and Glorius thing to die for one's country"
Wilfred Owen offers it as the lie it is in his dynamic poem of a gas attack.

C.J.Dennis collection.
C.J.Dennis wrote narrative poems of some length
which do not suit the file size limitations of the 'Net'..
I have chosen just a verse or two from some of his poems and hope that you may
enjoy them. Largely they are about one central character called 'Ginger Mick".
Please visit the 'Sound Stage" for more poems from "The Great War"

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